Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Body Clothed In Art

I have been asked by the Chelsea Arts Club, of which I am a member, to do a painting for their current exhibition "The Body Clothed in Art".

150 members (including Paul Smith, Peter Blake, Ralph Steadman, Theo Fennell, Ken Howard, Gray Jolliffe, Adrian George and Glen Baxter, so I am in good company!) were given these small canvases to paint, to be exhibited from Tuesday, and then auctioned for The Artists’ General Benevolent Institution.

Birds of a Feather Blue - Acrylic on Canvas
Birds of a Feather Brown - Acrylic on Canvas
I started off just doing the bright one - and decided I would do a less conspicuous one also to be paired together to make more impact!

Being first and foremost a fashion designer I thought both colour ways would give people a choice!

There was a huge audience at the Chelsea Arts Club on the launch day. I wanted to take photos but as it's a private club it's not allowed.

There will be a fashion show with catwalk models, a silent auction of the work, and later live music on Wednesday the 22nd of Feb so I'll find out then how much each of the canvases raised for charity.  All money raised will go towards the AGBI, and CAC Trust.

The full list of canvases for auction from the exhibition is here
There's also a list of all the fashion items up for auction here
Bidding can be made by both members and non-members, so if you see something that takes your fancy, put in a bid!