Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Observer outfit revisited


Hunting through all my 70's photo's looking for something to blog about, I came across a pic of me taken for the OBSERVER MAGAZINE.  This outfit was designed by me and made in crepe de chine.   I thought that it was a fun design and as well as a very small version perched at the top of this blog, I am also now using it for my new tee shirt, scarves and mugs all of which can be bought on my website


  1. Hi there-thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment on my blog regarding the floral jacket I found! Funnily enough, I gave it as a gift to Miss Emmapeelpants, who left a comment on your last post, we met a few years ago and as she admired it so much and is an even more obsessed vintage collector I decided to let her have it! I now own a lovely labelled Bus Stop navy floral blouse which I found last year!

  2. The polka-dot on polka-dot combo is fabulous! Thank you for posting the BBC clip on your site. I would love to see the whole thing.