Thursday, November 4, 2010


Now that Kate Moss is leaving Top Shop, I might as well say that she knocked off one of my old Bus Stop
designs and called it her own for her collection for them.
The owner of the vintage website-vintage-a-peel, who has the original dress made me aware of this, and  was worried that that people may think that she has the Top Shop cheapo!

Picture of her here wearing the original and Kate Moss in hers.


  1. Lee I adored your designs and I worked at your Kensington Church Street boutique in the late 70s.

    I had two design pieces of yours which I adored - a black jumper with six appliqued strawberries on the front and a smock with a black, white and yellow design that I wore to Glastonbury.Thank you for them both.
    I mention that wonderful jumper here:

  2. This floral print is so perfect. I'm sorry to say that I did find this print through Kate Moss' copy.

    I was wondering if you made any other items in this print originally (apart from the the longer dress which Kate Moss shortened)?